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Career Counseling Services

The types of services that can be provided include:

  • Vocational Counseling
  • Vocational Testing
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Labor Market Research and Awareness
  • Decision Making Regarding Career Choices
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Self-Directed Search
  • Training Program Exploration and Funding Sources
  • Self-Employment Plans

Vocational Counseling

Individual counseling involves brief to full vocational assessments of interests, aptitudes, values, and personality to discuss job compatibility and transferable skills for an employee under consideration for advancement or desiring change within their organization. Our staff has many years of experience in case management to help individuals make decisions based on vocational testing and transferable skills identification. This can include labor market research to identify marketability and feasibility of placement.

Our vocational and career counseling services frequently begin with an initial meeting which may include a vocational assessment identifying a person's employment history, skills and abilities, education, and training history. We may also identify physical or emotional barriers to employment that may exist.


Vocational Testing

Thorough interest, aptitude, achievement and personality testing can be made available to employees who cannot return to their previous job duties. Employers are then involved in a review of the assessment for discussion of new employment or transfer to a different department.

Comprehensive testing is available to assist clients with career changes or career enhancement. Testing includes the following:

  • Interest surveys
  • Aptitude assessments
  • Achievement tests
  • Personality profiles
  • Work values
  • GED pre-testing assessment
  • Computer literacy and keyboarding
  • Job specific testing; for example Sales, Data-Entry, Customer Service


Transferable Skills Analysis

A Transferable Skills Analysis can be completed to discover alternate occupations for an individual. This is done by utilizing a person's education, training, work history, and physical abilities to identify alternatives for return to work options. This is used as a tool and is not meant to be exclusive.


Labor Market Research/Survey

A Labor Market Survey (LMS) can be utilized prior to job placement or training programs, and in wage earning capacity assessments to determine feasibility and employment options regarding salary, employment growth or decline as well as identify employment opportunities within a specified geographic area.


Decision Making Regarding Career Choices and Job Seeking Skills

We have certified vocational counselors assisting individuals with identifying appropriate employment goals along with career planning and placement. Often, individuals report that work is a major source of stress. At times, counseling is not enough and a change in work environment is appropriate. We provide resources, moral support, and positive reinforcement to help our clients achieve and maintain self-confidence throughout the job search or career change process.


Self-Directed Search

Supervise an individual's job search efforts with weekly meetings to review basic, advanced, and current Job Seeking Skills as they relate to employment trends in today's market.


Training Program Exploration and Funding Sources

Midwest Case Management, Inc. has compiled a vast compilation of resources by area outlining training resources and funding options available.


Self-Employment Plans

Assistance is provided in developing self-employment interests and researching marketability.


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