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Vocational Services

  • Assessment Interview
  • Testing-aptitude, interest
  • On-site Case Evaluations
  • Transferable Skills Analyses
  • Job Analyses
  • Labor Market Survey
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Job Development
  • On-the-Job Evaluations
  • Job Coaching
  • Transitional Work
  • Residual Wage Earning Capacity
  • WC Court Decisions


A complete vocational assessment can be completed if it is determined that an individual will not be able to return to pre-injury employment (or return to alternative employment within company). Vocational potential is determined using a transferable skills analysis, along with an individual's age, work experience, training, education, physical capabilities, in addition to labor market information to arrive at a suitable goal. Typically the following scenarios are considered:

  • RTW same employer, same job
  • RTW same employer, different job
  • RTW different employer, same job
  • RTW different employer, different job
  • To be achieved with either direct placement or with accommodations
  • Consideration for training programs


Vocational Testing

Thorough interest, aptitude, achievement and personality testing can be made available to employees who cannot return to their previous job duties. Employers are then involved in a review of the assessment for discussion of new employment or transfer to a different department.

Comprehensive testing is available to assist clients with career changes or career enhancement. Testing includes the following:

  • Interest surveys
  • Aptitude assessments
  • Achievement tests
  • Personality profiles
  • Work values
  • GED pre-testing assessment
  • Computer literacy and keyboarding
  • Job specific testing; for example Sales, Data-Entry, Customer Service


On-Site Case Evaluations

Monthly file reviews are available to provide assistance in case direction. The signs related to possible long-term disability and complicating medical issues will be carefully monitored for appropriate intervention.


Transferable Skills Analyses

A Transferable Skills Analysis can be completed to discover alternate occupations for an individual. This is done by utilizing a person's education, training, work history, and physical abilities to identify alternatives for return to work options. This is used as a tool and is not meant to be exclusive.


Job Analyses

A thorough review of an employee's old or new job duties and worksite can be done to identify essential job functions, physical demands and possible accommodations. Videotaping and/or photographs are available for review and discussion with treating medical personnel. A Light-Duty Facility Assessment can also be completed in conjunction or a la carte for employers or at volunteer placements.


Labor Market Research/Survey

A Labor Market Survey (LMS) can be utilized prior to job placement or training programs, and in wage earning capacity assessments to determine feasibility and employment options regarding salary, employment growth or decline as well as identify employment opportunities within a specified geographic area.


Job Seeking Skills

We have an onsite Job Seeking Skills Instructor who is able to teach individuals basic, advanced and current Job Seeking Skills (JSS) as they relate to employment trends in today's market. JSS often includes interviewing skills and etiquette, resume and cover letter preparation, personal presentation, etc. These sessions are often individualized and focus on a person's individual employment goals.


Job Development

Job Development is completed by our staff to generate appropriate employment leads for clients utilizing an individual's age, education, work history, training and physical abilities. Every effort is made to identify appropriate and viable leads for our clients by initiating direct employer contact as well as follow-up. Additionally the time and resources are prorated whenever possible.


On-The-Job Training/Evaluation

We have the ability to coordinate on-the-job training for appropriate candidates. We can negotiate incentives for employers to give our clients an edge in today's competitive labor market. We also utilize community resources and funding where available.


Job Coaching

Job coaching is an individualized program which prepares people for gainful, self-sustained employment. Through a structured one-on-one program, the job coach helps an individual learn to perform job tasks at the level identified by the employer. The individual is an employee and thus receives competitive wages and benefits where appropriate while the coaching services are an additional support paid by the referral source and provided to the employer free of charge.

We have found the consistency of a job coach along with specific job and behavior goals has been most effective with our clients. Focusing on work-related behaviors such as attendance, dress, and social skills also assists in employment retention and longevity. Treating individuals with respect and incorporating as much responsible decision-making on the client(s) as possible is one of our core values.

We assess the situation as frequently as needed to address issues that arise. Initially, we may coach on a full-time basis and then taper off as appropriate. Eventually, the responsibility for supervision is assumed by the employer's staff.

The following are reasons for considering the use of a job coach:

  1. Job coaching services can be structured for a basic return-to-work plan for an individual who needs to re-enter the workforce to gain current work skills and work experience. View it as a resume builder.
  2. It can also be used to train individuals on specific job tasks especially in current economic times when employers may not have the supervision necessary to provide extra attention so that an individual can be successful in the job.
  3. Job coaching can be provided to current employees whose job tasks have changed and who need additional support to remain employed.
  4. Job coaching can be used as an evaluation tool for pre-vocational activities for younger students who are attempting seasonal work for the first time. The job coach can assess their abilities and provide the rehabilitation team and school personnel with valuable information about the individual's future ability for competitive employment.

We offer Master's level job coaches who create integrated plans in conjunction with the specifics of a person's medical abilities, social skills, and vocational goals.


Transitional Work

Transitional return-to-work programs can be designed for small to large companies geared toward returning employees to work following injury or illness.

This program includes assisting large employers with coordinating their in-house light-duty programs, selecting “favored workâ€?, performing job analyses, and monitoring the program. This results in improving employee morale, keeping the employee at their maximum level of functioning and involved in work activity. Benefits to the employer include less lost time, which results in reduction of overall costs.

For small employers who don't have in-house programs, alternative light-duty work and options can be identified, coordinated and monitored.


Residual Wage Earning Capacity

Evaluations of Residual Wage Earning Capacity can be used to determine an individuals' capacity to earn an income after partial or total disability. All staff members are fully capable of providing an objective and well-researched assessment of the individual's vocational potential including the following:

  • Claimant assessment/interview providing current and accurate background information.
  • Review of medical information for current physical functioning levels.
  • Achievement and skill testing will be completed if appropriate.
  • Review of claimant's employment history, including specific job titles, job duties, work fields, skills and equipment used.
  • Transferable Skills Analysis using DOT/ ONET codes, industry codes, OES codes, specific vocational preparation, etc.
  • Labor market research is utilized to determine if occupations exist and the growth projections in county of residence.
  • Job placement to identify actual openings within a specific geographical area, potential wage earnings, and starting wages.

A comprehensive written report summarizes all of the above in understandable and usable terms for a hearing of formal testimony.

Expert witness testimony can be provided to verify and substantiate all details included in the assessment and report.


WC Court Decisions

Our staff is well versed in relevant legal issues as they pertain to vocational services. We are familiar with the Haske, Rakestraw, Sington and Stokes decisions.


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